Why Walk & Talk Counseling?

Numerous studies indicate that even moderate amounts of exercise (including walking) have a positive impact on mood, depression, and anxiety.  Other studies suggest that there are higher rates of mental health conditions in urban areas and that even brief exposure to nature can have a therapeutic impact.  Walk & Talk Counseling provides Greater Baltimore's community members the opportunity to reap the traditional benefits of counseling in addition to those of nature and movement. 

Studies also suggest that exercise facilitates creativity and a deeper level of thinking, both of which can be helpful to the counseling process.  Individuals who work long office hours may appreciate the opportunity to get outside and move.  While walking outdoors, we will be moving forward both literally and figuratively. 

How does this work?

Our first session will be held in-office in order to review important information and to determine if Walk & Talk Counseling is right for you.  Once you've completed your initial visit, we will meet at an agreed-upon time and place.  When we meet, you get to set the pace and determine how quickly or slowly we move.  It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes for walking. 

What about confidentiality?

All of the standard confidentiality guidelines apply to Walk & Talk Counseling.  However, it is important to note the limitations of confidentiality due to the fact that we will be meeting in a public location.  This will require us to be mindful of our volume and proximity to others in the area.  Meeting in-office is always an option if there are certain topics that you would prefer not to discuss outside. 

What if somebody recognizes one of us?

A quick hello while proceeding to walk should be sufficient for addressing this possibility. In general, it is customary for individuals who are passing one another on trails to greet one another with a quick hello.  As such, we will simply look like 2 people walking.  

What about rainy or snowy weather?

On days with inclement weather, it will be up to you to determine if you would like to proceed with our outdoor session or if you would like to meet in my office.  

What are the fees for Walk & Talk Counseling?

The fee for a 60 minute session is $120.  The 60 minutes start and end promptly at the agreed-upon time, so it is recommended that you arrive on time with your walking attire to maximize your time.

How can I pay?

Cash, credit cards, and checks are all acceptable payment options. Payment is due at the time of service. 

can I use my insurance?

Insurance will not be accepted for Walk & Talk Counseling as most insurance companies will only pay for office-based sessions.  When we meet in-office, insurance can be used to pay for your sessions if: 

  1. You meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis,
  2. You provide written consent to bill your insurance company and provide them with the necessary information, and
  3. LifeSpring Counseling Services is in-network with your insurance company.  

Is Walk & Talk Counseling an exercise program?

Walk & Talk Counseling is not intended to be a fitness or weight-loss program.  Increased fitness or weight loss may occur, but neither is the primary focus of Walk & Talk Counseling.