Group Counseling Services

If you've ever participated in group counseling, you know what a powerful experience it can be!  In group, participants find support and receive feedback from group members who have had similar experiences.  Group counseling is an opportunity to learn new coping skills and try on new behaviors in a safe setting.  

Not sure if group work is right for you?  I've worked with many people who were initially hesitant to participate in group counseling due to their anxiety or fears about confidentiality. What I have found is that many of these individuals leave the group with a positive impression.  On top of that, all group members sign a commitment to the group's guidelines, and this includes maintaining group members' confidentiality.   

There are no groups currently available for Summer 2018, but you can read below about groups offered over the past year. 

exploratory movement.png

Exploratory Movement Group for Depression & Anxiety

Are you looking for a more creative way to express yourself?  In this 6-week exploratory movement group, you'll have the opportunity to explore and express yourself in unique ways.  You'll be joining with others by getting out of your chair and working through depression and anxiety.  





Mindfulness group

Not just looking to talk about your feelings and experiences?  If so, this may be the group for you.

In this highly structured group, you'll learn practical mindfulness-based cognitive therapy concepts and practice new skills to approach your depression and anxiety in a new way.    


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Anxiety Group

Looking for a supportive place to work through your anxiety with people who get you?  Consider joining our group, so you have a place to share and learn new coping strategies.  As a result of attending, we hope you'll find personal growth and a sense of empowerment.