Group Counseling Services

If you've ever participated in group counseling, you know what a powerful experience it can be!  In group, participants find support and receive feedback from group members who have had similar experiences.  Group counseling is an opportunity to learn new coping skills and try on new behaviors in a safe setting.  

Not sure if group work is right for you?  I've worked with many people who were initially hesitant to participate in group counseling due to their anxiety or fears about confidentiality. What I have found is that many of these individuals leave the group with a positive impression.  On top of that, all group members sign a commitment to the group's guidelines, and this includes maintaining group members' confidentiality.   

Check out our next Interpersonal Skills Group that starts 8/16/19. 

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Evening Interpersonal skills Group

Have you been struggling to form new relationships or maintain old ones? If social anxiety, negative self-talk, social isolation, personal insecurities, or communication difficulties have been getting in the way of your relationships, consider joining us for our evening interpersonal skills group. In group, you’ll have the opportunity to practice relational skills, receive feedback about communication, and learn from others’ experiences. Group members will be introduced to psychoeducation, bibliotherapy, and skill building around issues such as effective communication, self-compassion, and core beliefs/cognitive distortions

Group members can expect to:

  • practice new and healthier ways of relating to others.

  • experience corrective interpersonal experiences.

  • learn to better identify and express your feelings, and better understand how your patterns of thinking relate to your feelings and behavior.

  • learn about the relational patterns you are prone to creating with others and gain better understanding of why you create these patterns.

Start Date: Friday, 8/30/19
End Date: Friday, 12/6/19
Group Frequency: Every other Friday
Time: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM

30 Minute Group Intake Fee: $40
Group Fee: $40 per 90-minute group session
A SuperBill can be provided to get reimbursed through your insurance company if you have Out of Network benefits.

Special Offer: Receive one group free when you pay up front for all 8!

Registration Deadline: 8/16/19

Contact: Rachel Dvoskin to schedule your intake appointment.

Group Numbers: 6 participants minimum needed for group to run.




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Group Facilitator
Rachel Dvoskin, LGPC

Contact Rachel at or 410-205-6192 to register for group.